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DuMaison - Reviving Furniture


Bringing Things Back To Life

We love bringing unwanted pieces of furniture back to life.

When we look for a piece of furniture to be updated we look for something that has a style, sings of quality and is crying out to be revived and suitable for our homes today. We really get quite excited when we see the pieces beauty reveal itself to us.


We select the best quality paints and fabrics we can to upcycle and enhance our furniture without pushing the budget too far, and we see recycled furniture as being the the right thing to be doing today, for the sake of our grandchildren’s tomorrow.


There are a whole host of beautiful furniture styles, genre's and craftsmanship that should not be simply discarded. We look for items that have been well used but still have a lot of years of use left. We see each piece of furniture as something that has been much loved and cherished, that feeling then still resonates when it has been revived.


DuMaison’s furniture is unique, each piece is selected because we see something special in it, something that makes a statement and after upcycling the piece, it often makes it hard for us to part with, as we love it as much we hope you will.

When we started on our journey of updating furniture we considered following the chalk paint route but decided against it, feeling that quality recycled furniture would have a longer life span if we used quality paints and fabrics.


Although chalk paint is quick to apply, we felt the effort required and preparation needed when using quality paints and fabrics was well worth the extra work, and would benefit and enhance the feel and beauty of a piece and not become too quickly outdated.


We give each item of furniture a thorough review to see what repairs or reupholstery is required to make it a unique, chic and stylish piece of furniture.

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