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Vintage Original Water Colour - Village Scene




Height: 43cms

Width: 55cms

Length: 5cms

There are many things I love about beautiful art but when you get a water colour like this and witness the true mastery of an artist it is just magical.

Edwin Thomas Johns (1862 - 1947) was exceptional, the fine detail on this piece is wonderful, helping to draw you in to see what inspired him.

You are transported back to a simpler time of people going about their business in a beautiful village, giving a unique insight to village life from a past period. This is a piece that would be at home on any wall and would certainly be appreciated by all who get the chance to see it.

The colours on this beautiful piece of art are still vivid and vibrant and details are particularly clear so this stunning piece has not been exposed to the direct sun nor air as nothing is faded, brilliant considering its age.

It is framed in a wooden detailed gold frame, it is 55 x 43cm’s, has a new white mount and with information on the artist on the back of the frame.


£54.95.00 UKP


£14.95 UK Only


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