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Dutch Colonial Style Chair - Now Sold

Paint Colour

Strong White by Farrow and Ball


Alfresco by Prestigious Textiles

We fell in love with this upholstered chair from the moment we found it. We could see it looked so beautiful but needed to be brightened up and now look at it, simply stunning.


Our research identified the style of the chair as coming from the Dutch Colonial Period. This chair has beautiful curves, lovely details on the refined legs and arms and the shape of the back strikingly stands out.

The exposed wood has been hand painted with Farrow and Balls Strong White.

It is when we came across this fabric that we straight away new this was a match to this regal chair it is called Alfresco, is an  exclusive 100% cotton fabric from Prestigious Textiles and is very modern. When you look at the pattern, you see trees, just lovely.

This comfortable chair would fit in with any decor, makes a striking statement that would stand out in your living room, hallway or bedroom.


We can arrange delivery, typically around £65 but dependent on the location to be delivered to.


Height: 90cms

Width: 65cms

Length: 65cms

Seat:   48cms


£285 plus delivery



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