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Colefax and Fowler Upholstered Footstool



Paint Colour

Wooden Legs


Wyndham by Colefax and Fowler

This is the most beautiful, stunning and tactile footstool, covered in the most amazing quality linen fabric called Wyndham by Colefax and Fowler.

The fabric design is based on a loosely drawn Jacobean style tree of life printed on linen and dating from the early 20th century, the Colefax and Fowler studio developed this design and is mainly stone and brown in colour on a beautiful blue background.


The wooden legs are beautifully turned, finished with a light lacquer finished with stainless steel domes of silence.


This statement piece is also comfortable to sit on, rest your legs or use as a table, it is crying out to be the centre of attention so its true beauty can be appreciated.


Height: 42cms

Width: 71cms

Length: 97cms


£350.00 plus delivery, typically around £65.00

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